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Entry #1

Hello, what little portion of the world knows me.

2010-03-09 22:07:33 by Noonereally

I got bored and wrote out this comment.
I may be considered a "noob," but I'm smart, situationally funny, and an achievement addict, so there's not much else the trolls can ask.

I play several RPGs, and would be more than happy to at least meet you should we have one in common. You name it, I check my cabinet of files and see if I have any data.

I like to be known as CHAOS_FANTAZY around most of the internet, or CF for short. Looking back, I don't really know why I chose the name of Noonereally.

I can't draw, but I'm working on utilizing paint to the best of my ability, though I can't sprite. I can Role-Play, though, which I believe makes up for that in the internet world.

So, friendly people of the internet, assemble! Greet me with your seemingly mechanichal phrases!


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2010-03-17 19:28:44

What was That man. I don't know how werid that was. But how do you write a one of these?

Noonereally responds:

Oi, no typos here, you'll make me feel ashamed to be your friend.

What this is? It's my personal little introduction to Newgrounds, although nobody's really read it yet.

To make your own, go to your userpage, find the little bar of text that says "You don't have any news posts. Why don't you make one now?", click "make one now," and start typing, assuming you know how to type.


2010-03-26 11:24:22

You are a lier. You are not 17 your 34.

Noonereally responds:

"You are a liar. You aren't 17, you're 34." Is proper grammar and spelling too much to ask?

Yeah, and while we're pretending, you're 42 and your birthday was yesterday.


2010-05-02 21:29:44

Yes you were right my birthday was yesterday when you sent that.