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I got bored and wrote out this comment.
I may be considered a "noob," but I'm smart, situationally funny, and an achievement addict, so there's not much else the trolls can ask.

I play several RPGs, and would be more than happy to at least meet you should we have one in common. You name it, I check my cabinet of files and see if I have any data.

I like to be known as CHAOS_FANTAZY around most of the internet, or CF for short. Looking back, I don't really know why I chose the name of Noonereally.

I can't draw, but I'm working on utilizing paint to the best of my ability, though I can't sprite. I can Role-Play, though, which I believe makes up for that in the internet world.

So, friendly people of the internet, assemble! Greet me with your seemingly mechanichal phrases!